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No bad kitty, this is my pot pie! Romance: It's not love or anything, but I think If I compromised my standards, I could learn to accept you. Marital Status: I want you to have my abortion. Evolution: Don't think of it as extinction. Think of this as downsizing. infectious: We're pathetically ineffectual and pusillanimous pretend-friend-to-animals. Computers: It says I must hurt you. I am going to stalk you and pound the skin across your cheek bones thin. Quote:A tragedy is a literary work in which the main character comes to ruin as a consequence of a moral weakness or fatal flaw. Shakespeare wrote tragedies.

My Occupation

I dig through infectious-waste dumpsters behind abortion clinics and eat dead babies

My Hobbies

I spend my nights naked, soaking in petroleum, while lighting matches.

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